Our Organization Services

  1. Give all type of free medical help for poor people.
  2. Give free treatment for pregnant women.
  3. Giving free medicines for poor people.
  4. Free blood, urine test
  5. Free blood donation for poor people
  6. Free treatment and medicines for children.
  7. Free vaccination for children.
  8. Free eyes check up for poor people.
  9. Distribute free spects for poor people.
  10. Distribute cloths to the free people.
  11.  Give support to the boys/girls for education of poor people.
  12. Support to orphans for education.
  13. Give Islamic education for people.
  14. Distribute books and notebooks to children.
  15. Free education for children especially English.
  16. Help for girl’s marriage of poor people.
  17. Support for free marriage of boys/girls for poor people.
  18.  Free meal for orphans, poor people, senior citizens who don’t have nominee.
  19.  Help to poor women and give cloths to them.


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